D501EF74-C0D9-47CD-A6EA-D29413FD12FAI, psychologist Victoria Koretnik, help clients with various psychological difficulties. Together with you, we can explore the causes and effects of what is happening in your life, where the symptom came from, and much more.

I have a higher psychological education. I work individually with adults and teenagers. I work with families. I regularly improve my qualifications and receive supervision.

If you have psychological difficulties in your personal life, in communication, with your children or teenagers, make an appointment with me for a consultation.

Do not postpone the beginning of the way to improve the quality of your life for later!

My contacts:

WhatsApp / Tel. / Viber +38 (050) 505-66-66,
e-mail: vshudel@gmail.com,
SKYPE: vshudel

Consultation duration: 50″ (minutes)

Cost of consultations:

System work individually: Europe 400 € / USA 500$ — 90″ (90 minutes)

System work with the business system of enterprises: USA and Europe, specify the price on the day of payment.

1 individual consultation (one-time): CBT, psychoanalytic approach, systematic family approach:

Europe and UAE: 250€/ 50 minutes, USA and Israel: 250$/ 50 minutes, Canada 260$/ 50 minutes.

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Urgent consultation Price X 2

Coaching. The duration of the coaching session is 70 minutes.

Europe and UAE: €300, USA and Israel $300, Canada $300.

The cost of working with groups is calculated individually


A psychologist in Kyiv is an interesting and very useful job. I help people. The reasons for clients’ requests are different, and in each case I choose individually the techniques that are suitable for this particular case. I work with methods and techniques of many directions, an individual approach to each client.

The science called psychology studies the human psyche, the patterns of its emergence and development, studies the mental activity of an individual and groups of people. The work of a psychologist is directly related to people, namely, to the solution of problems that arise in relationships between people, as well as in the human personality. The inner world of a person, in other words, his psyche, is the subject of a psychologist’s study. I am a personal, child and family psychologist in Kyiv. A psychologist helps a person understand his feelings, desires and aspirations, find out the causes of fears and anxieties, find ways to solve problems of a personal nature, and so on. The task of a psychologist is to study a person’s character, his temperament and his psyche in order to further help a person develop his personality.

I work both in consultations with the client and in a longer format, when 2 or more client meetings with a psychologist are necessary. How much does a psychologist’s consultation cost in Kyiv? You can make an appointment here

The help of a psychologist is important and needed by many, even if a person himself does not think about his problems. Consultations of a psychologist help a person understand himself, understand what he requires from himself and from life. The same situation can look different for people, and if at first glance the problem seems unsolvable, consultations with a psychologist help to find a way out of even the most confusing situations. Many people ask their friends: recommend a good child psychologist in Kyiv. But the situations that a psychologist solves are completely different, and it is not always correct to evaluate a psychologist based on the fact that he helped someone in a completely different situation, different from yours.

A person’s life cannot be monotonous — it consists of constant changes that cause both positive and negative emotions in a person. The latter can often lead to crises from which it is necessary to learn how to find a way out. Through consultations, a psychologist allows you to consider the possibilities of overcoming crisis situations. It is the family psychologist who can give advice.

Often a person thinks about his place in life and feels anxious about uncertainty. A psychologist helps a person understand himself, understand his «self» and find answers to questions of interest. Consultations of a psychologist help people find the real causes of problems, reveal themselves, find strength in themselves, look for goals and achieve them.

People often come to a psychologist to solve family problems. Conflicts between spouses, relations between children and parents are a separate spectrum of the psychologist’s work. You can also find a way out of family difficulties by consulting a psychologist. The psychologist gives recommendations on building harmonious relationships in a couple, between family members, helps to find a solution to the generational conflict. Child rearing and related difficulties are also the subject of a psychologist’s study.

In addition, psychologist consultations help men and women survive divorce, find the cause of loneliness and get rid of it, provide assistance to people suffering from the loss of a loved one.

Many problems in a person’s life can be the result of psychological trauma. It is not uncommon for a person to receive such injuries as a result of violence. Physical violence against a person damages his psyche. However, do not forget about dogs